Albert Reyes has been known to spit art on his hands and knees with a mouth full of beer in the middle of the street. He has also shown in a gallery along with a painting by Picasso. These same strange dualities and juxtapositions are highly prevalent in his work, which tackles both conceptual and graffiti art. Recognized for his ubiquitous “GIVE” tag, Albert has a distinctive artistic approach inspired not only by street art, comic books, and American pop culture; but also by contemporary and classical “high art”. Many of his drawings and illustrations incorporate everything from icons of corporate America to Hollywood stars to mass media to politics to consumerism. Reyes has exhibited at the Tree House Gallery, JUNC Gallery, Bent Gallery, Giant Robot LA SF NY, New Image Art Gallery LA, Black Market Gallery LA, Upper Playground SF, Low, Balazo, Ampersand, Stay Gold Gallery NYC, White Walls, Studio Number One, and in Paris, France. He has done album cover artwork for the band Le Rev and singer/songwriter Simone White. He has also appeared in the New York Times: Year In Ideas, Swindle, Chicano Art Magazine and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, CW's Online Nation, and CNN.

Ryan Reyes nearly got stuck in the Before Life. He was too busy shooting digital food out of his fingertips while riding on a pegasus. Once coaxed into the womb by a three-eyed pirate, Ryan was notorious for misbehavior: kicking, making his host crave dirt, etc. Worst of all, he arrived late. Ryan was due May 5th, his mother's birthdate. In futility, she rode a bike and drank a bottle of castor oil to induce labor, but the stubborn Taurus showed his face for the first time on May 9th. As punishment for Ryan's reluctance to live, the umbillical cord was wrapped around his neck at birth. Due to suffocation he was, like the common alien, born blue with a pimple on his center butt cheek. During childhood, Ryan met Zero, his imaginary friend. Other highlights include: swallowing a penny, getting beat up, and discovering The Beatles. Eventually, he attended UC Santa Cruz where he was a double major in Film & Digital Media Production and Literature. Ryan now resides in Los Angeles with his brother Albert where he relentlessly pursues the arts and more or less, flourishes. Download Ryan's acting resume.
I want to buy a round of world peace for all my friends!