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"Don't Give Up" by Albert Reyes is proudly published by Upper Playground and Fifty24SF Gallery. The innovative 96 page book visually displays selections from the last 10 years of Albert Reyes' artistic styles including: graffiti, street, fine art, and illustrations. Albert will personally sign your copy. Standard price, check around of $27.00.

"Give" DVD, also from Upper Playground and Fifty24SF Gallery, is a collection of selected video works by artist Albert Reyes. The shorts seek to question life, love, and growing up in Los Angeles. One of the shorts is a documentary on his brother Ryan. Standard price, check around of $30.00

"Catnip For Humans", by Ryan Reyes, is a comedy album which includes stand up, sketches, and a few songs. Thematically, the album revolves around cats, drugs, dreams, and explores what it is to be human. Digital copy only at a bargain "pirate for all your friends guilt free" price of $3.00.

The Usses debut album "Harmonium" is a ridiculous concept album built around the harmonica. It also includes a few acapella "songs". The Usses is Isaac Clewans & Ryan Reyes. Digital copy only at the feel good "pirate for all of your enemies" price of $3.00.

"The 'We Wanna Stab You' Kids!" is the second concept album by comedic group The Usses. Here Isaac & Ryan tighten up their "sound" and attempt to make a "pop" album. What happens is anybody's guess. Digital copy only at a ridiculous "pirate for anyone guilt free" price of $3.00.